11 Jan, 2019

You can create a sunny seashore getaway

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A fairy garden is a place of beauty, peace, relaxation, and creativity. Perhaps your yard is filled with plants, fairy houses, and miniature accessories. However, a garden can be much, much more than an impressive showpiece. It can also be a place of immense possibility. Your heart’s deepest desires and mind’s greatest wishes can be experienced in the miniature garden, even if you have not attained them (yet) in "real life."How can this be? Is a miniscape the place to plant your hopes and dreams? Yes! In the miniature fairy garden, anything is possible. Trolls and fairies can play as friends, bubbling brooks can sparkle every single day, and entirely new and unique worlds can materialize right before your eyes.Some of the neatest fairy gardens are scenes that pop right out of the imagination. Have you always wanted to live at the beach?

You can create a sunny seashore getaway right in your backyard! Just add some sand, boppin’ music, and get ready to transport yourself directly to the coast. Did you ever dream of waking up in a fairytale castle? You can design a fortress, and even an entire medieval town, all within the walls of a miniature garden. So, whether you dream of vacationing in Paris or adventuring in the rainforest, all it takes is the right mix of miniature plants and garden accessories to turn the miniscape into a whole new world. Add an airplane, boat, or car, and your fairy garden can be a stopping place on the way to distant lands. Better yet, you can incorporate several different scenes and themes into your miniature garden. The only limit is your imagination.One of the best signs I have seen in a fairy garden says this: "Follow your dreams. They know the way." It is true—when we listen to the dreams in our hearts, we will undoubtedly be led in the right direction. Sometimes this means translating your ideas of fairies, pixies, and other garden friends into a playful small-scaled habitat constructed in your backyard. On the other hand, you might dream of something more realistic, like a picnic in the park or a camping trip. Any of these occurrences can happen in the miniature garden! Build your dream job. Design your fantasy house.

Plant your ideal orchard. Organize your desired party. Anything is possible.Even better than building a miniature garden for yourself - is creating it for someone else. Fairy gardens nurture the dreams and hopes of our childhoods, making them easy to pass down to the next generation. When you welcome a family member or friend to visit and see your fairy garden ideas, they will get a little peek into your passion. Children, especially, will feel the enormity of fairytales and understand how aspirations come to life in a miniature garden. If you want to make your friends’ day special, then extend an invitation to spend time learning about your fairy garden where their imaginations will flow with miniature gardening ideas. Perhaps they will leave with a little inspiration that provides them with the initiative to see their vision become a reality.


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